Civilization 6 lets China build its own Great Wall to keep out invaders

Civilization 6

Qin Shi Huang, who leads China in Civilization 6, united the warring Chinese states and ushered in a new age for the country, bringing stability and prosperity to China. The change he brought to the country is reflected in Civ 6’s Chinese builder units, who get an extra turn under his rule. 

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Elswewhere, China’s unique unit, the Crouching Tiger Turret, is high powered, short-ranged unit that doesn’t require specific resources to produce, so you can churn them out like your builders churn out structures.

One of the biggest changes coming to China for Civ 6, though, is the Great Wall of China, which is now a unique tile improvement, rather than a wonder, that grants extra defence and gold in the early stages and adds culture later on.

Check all that good stuff out in the trailer below: