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Watch us go for the culture victory with Kongo in Civilization 6 – season finale!

Civ 6 Let's Play Kongo culture victory

There’s nothing quite as cultured as chasing after Barbarians and murdering them with clubs, is there? Ever the sophisticated gents, Joel and Phil embark on another Civ 6 Let’s Play series with that culture victory gleaming in their eyes, but find even with the peaceful Mvemba a Nzinga of Kongo, there’s no escaping the inevitably brutal Civ 6 early game. The Barbarians come from far and wide to take apart our puny empire, but do they run amok or bow before our silk-slippered cultural powerhouse? Let’s find out.

With the game nearing release in just a couple of weeks, here’s everything we know about Civilization VI

It’s time to see if all our hard work over 100 turns paid off, or whether we remain savages. Can we take the number one spot in the culture victory standings before turn 100? We’ve had our troubles with Barbarians and slow expansion, but with the construction of The Oracle and great writers seemingly turning up every turn, it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings.

In the first episode (below), we set about laying the foundations for a glorious, peaceful, cultured empire. We spend the first few turns losing units to Barbarians, and the next few building an army to destroy them. Pretty cultured, then.

In episode 2, we’re still neck-deep in savages but at least we’re beginning to look towards building wonders and… er, settling a second city.

Episode 3 sees the world map get a little busier, and the pyramids remain very much a figment in our imaginations.

And in episode 4, we get a little closer to building a second city:

Episode 5 sees two new cities and a wonder all happen in the space of a few turns:

In episode 6, we tee up a last-gasp play for number one spot in the culture rankings:

In truth culture is a late-game phenomenon. It doesn’t hurt to set about building the Pyramids nice and early of course, but you’ll always have to deal with marauders in the ancient era and that slows the progress of that per-turn culture rate.

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