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Firaxis release a series of guide videos for people getting started with Civilization 6

Civilization 6

2K and Firaxis have released a series of videos for Civ VI beginners, helping players decide how to pick their Civ, how to start their nation, how to explore, dealing with barbarians and even a couple of videos digging into diplomacy. 

Check out our Civlization VI strategy guide and you’ll have no problems. 

That video embedded at the top will hopefully help you solve your first conundrum: out of all these nations, each with their own unique strengths, who do I pick? Watch that video and it might be a little easier for you.

Once you’ve settles on your leader and Civ choice, you’ll need to set up your first city. This video guide to your first few turns should help you find somewhere to settle.

Once you’ve placed your flag, you’ll soon be looking to expand your borders. Before you do that, though, you’ll need to push out into the word and see what lies beyond the hills.

You’ll need to explore, so here are some tips on doing that.

Exploring has its dangers, though. Out in no man’s land there are tribes of barbarians. If you leave them to pillage, they’ll just keep coming back.

This video shows you how to deal with them.

Once you’re done killing the natives, you’ll start to bump into other Civs and you won’t want to fight them all.

Perhaps you’ll want to strike up a trade deal. Maybe you can live off your tea, jam and biscuits exports and live happily ever after.

This is how you make diplomacy work.

One day though, you might realise that the tea, jam and biscuits were just a dream. You might begin to struggle and you’ll need a helping hand.

Perhaps you’ll reach out to a foreign neighbour. This video explains how you stop them from looking down and whispering “no”.