Civilization 6 team think we’ll “go nuts” when we see the amount of modding power in the new engine

Civ 6 dev team

Civ 6 is on the way, and sooner than anyone might have predicted. We’ll get our fists on its new systems, leaders and cities on October 21. In the run up, Firaxis are producing a series of videos looking at each of its aspects, and the first introduces the development team. One key moment that jumped out was talk of the new engine, and how much power it gives to modders.

Civilization VI’s trailers, races, release date and everything else we know.

Here’s the video, with KindaFunnyGames’ Greg Miller talking to the team about some basic concepts:

There’s also a big feature on the Steam community page about what each developer is looking forward to in the game, from art to new features to player interactions. It also covers the challenges of making a sequel to a game like Civ V, that was so immeasurably improved by expansions and player feedback.

That line about modding has me most interested though, as well as the potential of a whole new engine. The last couple of decades of Civ modding have done incredible things with every game, but Firaxis have shown an aptitude for letting mod teams get on with it, especially in regards to XCOM 2. What happens next could be another step up.