Cleopatra is comin’ atcha in Civilization 6

Civilization 6

Egypt will be headed up by Cleopatra in Civ 6. The famous ruler rose to power in the midst of the suspicious poisoning deaths of her rivals, allied Egypt to some of the most powerful nations in the world, and then eventually caused the fall of the Egyptian empire. Her early albums were better, basically. Hopefully you can mirror those days. 

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Playing as Egypt will mostly be about striking trade deals and building up the economy, with the aim of taking a cultural victory by filling the world with wonder. Imagine the opposite of England.

Egypt is able to build districts and wonders faster if they’re located on rivers.

As for trade routes, any external routes set up give Egypt additional gold, and if you set up trade with other Civs it will give you extra gold and generate extra food for them. People will want to be your friend, basically.

When friendships break down, there’s always Egypt’s unique unit: the highly manoeuvrable Maryannu Chariot Archer.

See all that and more in the new trailer:

Oops, my bad. Here’s the trailer: