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Topic of the Week: What do you want from Civ VI?

Civ 6 topic of the week

Civilization VI is happening and it’s going back to Earth with all the countries, leaders and ages of history you’d expect. But much remains unrevealed, even after we took a long look at the game and brought you everything we know. So the question becomes – what do you want to see?

For me, what’s been revealed so far sounds great, though I’m cautious on stacking coming back in any form at all. Hopefully this doesn’t mean various parts of the game are about building the absolute best unit you can and stacking a thousand of them on single tiles, even if you can’t diversify it. I’m also intrigued by the Diplomacy system and where it will lead, as it has constantly been the sticking point for 4X games over the years, even in recent favourite Stellaris.

But what about you? Are you happy with hexes returning? Perhaps there’s units or wonders you’re excited to see a new version of? What was the best technology, and why was it Reading followed by Invention for the Great Library and Leonardo’s Workshop? Do you see any holes in Firaxis’ plans for buildings being on the map? Let us know in the comments.