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Topic of the Week: What do you want from Civ VI?

Civ 6 topic of the week

Civilization VI is happening and it's going back to Earth with all the countries, leaders and ages of history you'd expect. But much remains unrevealed, even after we took a long look at the game and brought you everything we know. So the question becomes - what do you want to see?

For me, what's been revealed so far sounds great, though I'm cautious on stacking coming back in any form at all. Hopefully this doesn't mean various parts of the game are about building the absolute best unit you can and stacking a thousand of them on single tiles, even if you can't diversify it. I'm also intrigued by the Diplomacy system and where it will lead, as it has constantly been the sticking point for 4X games over the years, even in recent favourite Stellaris.

But what about you? Are you happy with hexes returning? Perhaps there's units or wonders you're excited to see a new version of? What was the best technology, and why was it Reading followed by Invention for the Great Library and Leonardo's Workshop?  Do you see any holes in Firaxis' plans for buildings being on the map? Let us know in the comments.

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hiddnsaccade Avatar
hiddnsaccade(1 day 7 hours played)
1 Year ago

I hate to be that guy, but I kind of want a new art style. From what I've seen the whole thing looks a little cartoony to me.

I'm loving what I'm hearing about the gameplay changes, those sound fantastic. But looking at screenshots, I feel like the units are too large, the landscape is too smooth, the forests aren't dense enough, and everything is very bright.

I wouldn't have expected realistic graphics. But I wish that the art style reflected the grand strategy nature of the game. I want to feel like I'm commanding armies rather than squads. And that I have cities rather than hamlets. And that my way is impeded by large jagged mountains rather than small rocky knolls. I guess that when I imagined Civ 6 I envisioned a game in that epic style.

I realize that all of the Civ games have always leaned in this artistic direction, but in the past I felt like it was the result of hardware limitations that restricted the developers ability to truly make their worlds grand. With this iteration, it's clearly an artistic choice.

Fortunately I'm not the kind of person who plays a game just for its graphics. And, it's still a little too early to be making any final judgements. If the gameplay hold up as well as it sounds like it might, this will be a must play for me. But so far my feelings towards the game have definitely been dampened by its childish appearance.

Ben Barrett Avatar
Ben Barrett(1 day 4 hours played)
1 Year ago

I think they may have made the rather classic screenshots-but-no-trailer error where the game actually looks alright in motion, or at least when you're trying to determine things rather than just staring at a landscape. I don't think you're the only one feeling that way about the shots we've seen so far though.

Droniac Avatar
Droniac(1 day 8 hours played)
1 Year ago

I don't mind the art style at all. The high contrast and clear definition ensures that everything will be very easy to identify. And the more colorful and playful style kind of suits Civilization as it is one of the more accessible and playful 4X franchises. I suspect this clean, clear and crisp style will make it look very good in motion. Kind of similar to how Civ 5/BE look a lot worse in screenshots than in motion, but possibly a more pronounced difference than that.

It seems to have a lot in common with the new Dawn of War art style actually. This is brighter and cleaner, but otherwise both are clear, over-defined and extremely high contrast.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

The changes sound interesting really. Especially linking research to the kind of land that you build your empire upon should allow you specialize faster on what is important to you and bring some diversity based on what resources and type of land you get at the start.

Building city structures on the map ... not sure about that. Other similar games tried it and I usually didn't like it much due to the clutter and the weirdness of having units march though them. For example, having an elephant archer or a tank rest on a tile occupied by a library doesn't sound very realistic to me.

What I'd like to see is some options to upgrade more iconic units, especially ships. In Civ V you could have carriers, battleships, subs or destroyers, but they never really evolved in any way, unlike what has happen with the real things. So, for one thing, add something to keep these units relevant for a longer period. Allow me to give my existing units an armor upgrade, or a bigger gun. Second, allow me to build various type of destroyers for example, from WW2 kind to modern, to future kind.

Varesco [ITA] Avatar
1 Year ago

Easy : VERY HUGE MAP. Simple right? a simple request...:d (or not at all)