Clint Hocking resigns from Amazon Game Studios, alongside two other veterans

amazon game studios

Amazon Game Studios recently announced that they were delving into the exciting realm of PC game development. It was a move we could all get behind, especially since the studio’s staff included industry veterans Clint Hocking, Eric Nylund, and Jonathan Hamel.  

Sadly for Amazon though, all three of them have resigned from the company. 

Clint Hocking is probably best known for his work on Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Eric Nylund previously spent 13 years at Microsoft, and has worked on the Halo games. Jonathan Hamel was staff over at Crystal Dynamics.

MCV have reported the resignations, although no reasons have been provided for the moves. Typically staff leave at the end of projects or in case of cancellation, but we can only speculate the reasons why Hocking, Nylund, and Hamel have all cleaned out their desks.

Amazon Game Studios still has ex-Valve staffers Kim Swift and Tom Leonard though, alongside a variety of other industry veterans, meaning there’s still a lot of promise over at the developer.

Thanks, VG247.