Nexon replace MMO voice actress for wearing “Girls Do Not Need a Prince” t-shirt


Nexon are replacing one of their voice actors in MMORPG Closers after she tweeted a picture of her wearing a t-shirt to Twitter. Yesterday the voice actress, Jayeon Kim, tweeted a photo of herself in a t-shirt that reads “Girls Do Not Need a Prince.”

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AsKotakureport,the shirt is apparently connected to feminist Korean website Megalian. The ties to this brand of politics led to the usual internet voices popping up to make a fuss about a woman having opinions.

TodayNexon announcedthat they would be replacing the actress, saying the decision was “relating to the matters under controversy at this moment”. They further explained that they would be “replacing” the character’s voice with that of another actress – presumably one without opinions – in the coming weeks.

As the Kotaku tipster explained, the t-shirt was actually connected to a Megalian spin-off site and not directly tied to the feminist organisation at all. The voice actress has since explained that she thought Megalian was just about fighting misogyny and that she doesn’t have strong feelings on the organisation either way.

Since the Nexon decision, another game,Hero Warz, has announced that ti will be replacing Kim’s character in that game.