Cloud gaming: Final Fantasy 7 re-release hits the virtual shelves


Final Fantasy 7’s PC release has hit Square Enix’s virtual storefront and it comes bearing sparkly things, like achievements and cloud saves. Though there’s another feature which may cause diehard fans to grumble and new players to rejoice.

The re-release includes with it a booster button. If ever you find yourself near death (in the game) you can simply restore yourself to full HP, MP, and GIL. It may seem like an odd feature, butSquare Enix say it leaves “you to enjoy your adventure”. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I tried playing Final Fantasy a few years ago and whilst I have a lot of patience for the game, large sections of it are a chore. A difficult slog of a chore too.

Of course, difficult games can be extremely rewarding. Super Meat Boy is an often-referred-to example. Its joy comes from overcoming ridiculously difficult levels using only your thumbs. Yet, if you talk to Final Fantasy 7 fans the most cited joy of the game is its story. The dialogue between characters, theburgeoning love story, and the terrible event. You know the one, when [REDACTED]. So, a feature that lets me discover that without the backtracking and boss fights retries is a good thing.

You can pick up a copy of the newly released Final Fantasy 7 from Square Enix’s store. Though, this isn’t the first time this re-release has been released.