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Cobalt, a new side-scrolling shooter from Mojang, coming this October


At Gamescom, Mojang’s Jens Bergensten took to the stage to reveal the release date of the studio’s little pet project. Not at all like Minecraft, Cobalt is a cartoony 2D side-scrolling shooter with co-op and mad, Towerfall-like multiplayer. 

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Cobalt has been in development for a while, having been first revealed in alpha form in 2013. Like Minecraft, players have been able to play that alpha for some time now. But that protracted alpha period is soon to finish, with Bergensten announcing that the final completed game will come to Windows 10 and Xbox in October this year. Designed for local couch play with both competitive and cooperative modes, it looks swift, fast, and mental.  

Update: This article has been updated to include background information on Cobalt that was not discussed at the Gamescom conference. 

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Kinth! avatarnu1mlock avatarTjonas avatarZptr avatar
Kinth! Avatar
2 Years ago

Pretty sure Cobalt has been around for years.

nu1mlock Avatar
2 Years ago

Yeah, wouldn't call it their "new" pet project. Sure, the game hasn't been complete but it has been available for purchase (and play) for years. I purchased it over two and a half years ago.

Richie Shoemaker Avatar
2 Years ago

Design-wise it probably predates Minecraft. Gameplay was being demoed in 2009 as "Project B".

Tjonas Avatar
2 Years ago

Talk about being out of the loop, this game was revealed YEARS ago