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Code Vein lets you send out distress signals for help from other players

code vein multiplayer

You may recall Code Vein as the upcoming Bandai Namco title that’s like Dark Souls, but much more anime. That continues to be a pretty compelling elevator pitch, and a new set of details from Famitsu have revealed a bit about how the multiplayer system will work.

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You’ll be able to send out a distress signal to bring in other players for help in completing a particularly troublesome dungeon, as VG247 have helpfully translated. The other player will need to have completed “certain requirements” in order to join in, but we don’t know exactly what those requirements are – though a level specification or previously clearing the area seem likely. If you want to hang on to your NPC companion, they can continue to fight alongside you even with another player.

Communication seems to be largely built around gestures, stamps, and voice lines, which will allow you to use “emotions” to express battle plans. (I know what emotions I’m typically feeling during Souls-like fights, and I’m not sure I want to share them.) No news on whether more traditional forms of communication – namely text and voice chat – will be available.

The magazine also revealed two new characters for the game. Karen is a collaborator on the Q.U.E.E.N. Project, while Chris Silva is one of their test subjects. I’m sure that will be no source of friction and/or drama, since being a “test subject” always turns out well in these apocalyptic stories.