Command & Conquer developer diary shows how units are made. All the while the world feels like it’s ending


Victory Games must feel talking about their game isn’t exciting enough to hold viewers’ attention. That’s the only reason I can think of for why they would have filmed their developer diary like it were the briefing at the beginning of an apocalypse movie. It’s all dramatic music, fast cuts, and people who talk into camera while refusing to blink.

It’s like watching an episode of 24.

Despite the snarkiness about Victory’s video team, I truly want to play Command & Conquer. It’s one of my favourite series – with Generals being the stand out best. Considering this free-to-play interation of the series started life as a Generals sequel I’m excited.

It’s only the game by name, though. It’s not the original team working on bringing a Frostbite-powered Command and Conquer to life, they’re a new studio formed specifically for the task.

You can sign up for the beta over here.

Cheers, RPS.