Command & Conquer will include units from the whole franchise


EA’s latest free-to-play iteration of Command & Conquer is turning into an odder and odder beast. It will be launching without singleplayer, it will likely appear on the consoles in the future, and it will be an amalgam of all the Command & Conquer games, and all their different universes. So we’ll be able to see Mammoth tanks alongside MiGs and, who knows, maybe a tesla coil of two.

Details below.

The news of the amalgam comes from Frank Gibeau – he of “I
have not green lit one game to be developed as a single player experience” fame
– who was speaking to Polygon/The
at the time. “You’re going to be able to have some stuff fans
have been asking for, for years,” he said. “You see the arguments,
this tank in Red Alert is better than this tank over here.

“Our goal is to evolve the service in response to what
people want and that’s the beauty of free-to-play: You build as you receive
information from your audience. When you build a premium game you have to go
way in the hole, in terms of spending out a lot of money building a certain
experience and then putting it out there to see how people respond.”

EA haven’t said how they’re going to open these lines of
communication, maybe community voting, or séances. Whatever the case, this isn’t
going to be a Command & Conquer game like any other and I just don’t know
if that’s a good thing or not.