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Company of Heroes 2 open beta begins today; runs till 18 June


Company of Heros 2 has been released; read our Company of Heroes 2 review to find out our verdict.

Relic’s long-awaited sequel to its excellent World War II strategy game, Company of Heroes, entered open beta earlier today, ahead of its 25 June release date. The open beta runs from today through till 18 June and rewards players who go on from the beta to buy a copy of the game on release.

Players taking part in the open beta will have access to six of Company of Heroes 2’s multiplayer maps and the first 45 character levels to progress through. If you take part in the beta and then go on to pick up a copy of the game within the first 60 days of launch then your progress is retained, else you’ll have to start from scratch when/if you buy the game in future.

According to the press release sent out by Sega, Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2 commented: “We have been working hard since the Closed Beta balancing and improving all areas of the game as well as adding new matchmaking servers. COH2 has had one of the most successful Beta programs we’ve ever run at Relic and the support of the fans has been a critical factor in making the game more balanced and stable for launch.”

It’s difficult to trust press releases though, that statement may have been entirely fabricated by one of the publisher’s goons. Do we know that Greg Wilson even exists?

Now, the more relevant detail is how do you get into the beta to test out the game. I’ve been looking around and I’m drawing a bit of a blank. There’s no sign up link in the press release, nor is there a link in the forum post the official website links to. Hopefully something will appear on Steam at 10am PST which is when the beta officially launches.

Until then I suggest repeatedly messaging this Greg Wilson chap (if he really does exist) and pester him for answers. If anyone asks, say Jeremy Peel sent you.