Company of Heroes 2 preorder launches; grants beta access and tank patterns, though stretch goals bring hats and free games


Company of Heros 2 has been released; read our Company of Heroes 2 review to find out our verdict.

Company of Heroes was the best little men versus little, but comparatively big, tanks game we’ve played in years, so any word on its long awaited sequel is welcome. Today’s word is more than welcome, we’re embracing its hand and offering up our daughters in tribute: it’s the news that Company of Heroes 2 is available for preorder, and that doing so will put you in line for early beta access when such a thing is launched. So a purchase now, is a purchase for future happiness.

Further details, shop links, and rumination on the effect of Kickstarter after the break.

Right, no more wittering. What do you get for your £40? According to Steam, this:

Base Offer

  • Guaranteed Beta Access, when it is available on Steam
  • German Rotbraun and Russian Leningrad Pattern Bundle
    • Two Medium Weight Vehicle Patterns

Reward 1

  • Exclusive Company of Heroes 2TF2Items
    • German Cap and Badge
      This German Officer’s Cap and Badge tells the world you’re the ruthless commander of a juggernaut army and not to be trifled with!
    • Soviet Cap and Badge
      This Soviet Commander’s Cap and Badge lets everyone know you’ve led thousands of troops through some of the bloodiest battles on the Eastern Front of WW2, in style!

Reward 2
Everything Above, Plus:

Reward 3
Everything Above, Plus:
Company of Heroes 2 Commissar Chest

  • $5.00 Premium Currency
  • XP Boost
  • Unit Boost
  • Commander Archetype

Every purchase of of the preorder automatically qualifies youfor the base rewards, so, in this case,early beta access and tank patterns. The other tiers of rewards are unlocked by the collective total of copies sold, similar to Kickstarter’s stretch goals – “When we pass this target we will provide this in return”. It’s a new system on Steam. It’s also being used currently with the XCOM preorder.

It seems to be a canny method to motivate those who have bought preorders to shout from the rooftops that others should buy it too.Canny, Steam. Canny.