Company of Heroes servers migrating to Steam: test them early, now


It’s always sad when a games servers get shut down, something many games run by Gamespy were the casualty of not so long ago. Relic today announced that it’s Company of Heroes servers, hosted by Quazal will be shut down on May 7th. But there’s to a crossover period where players will be able to migrate to Steam. That crossover period is now upon us. 

In a post on the Company of Heroes website, Relic detail the games transition to the Steamworks servers:

“On May 7th the Company of Heroes’ online servers at server hosting company Quazal will be shut down. We are very excited that we have been able to keep the game alive by transitioning to Valve’s Steamworks servers where the game will live well into the future.”

“We have our Steam build ready now for those that want to migrate in advance of the shutdown on May 7th.”

You might of already seen the sneaky addition of the “Company of Heroes (New Steam Version” pop up in your Steam library. Get installing it before the Quazal servers go down on May 7th.

If you have a CD-Key and you are having technical issues with the transition, email [email protected] with your Steam ID and your keys for some assistance.