Company of Heroes 2 pumping 50% of skin competition purchases back into community

Company of Heroes 2 Tigershark tank

Sega are planning to use half the proceeds from purchases of the winning entries in Polycount’s ‘War Paint’ skin competition to benefit the community.

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The competition, hosted by famed 3D artist gathering spot Polycount, challenged artists to create themed vehicle skins within four categories: Historical, Fine Things, Steel Beasts and Living Machines.

You can see all the winners here, which include our favourite, the TigerShark seen above.

Having selected ten winners to go on sale during this weekend’s Free Weekend for the tank warfare game, Sega and Relic Entertainment are planning to use 50% of the profits to host tournaments and pay content creators.

A minimum of 30% from each sale goes to content creators, while the first activity to see pennies from virtual sales will be an online tournament with a prize pool, organised in conjunction with the community.

“This is a unique opportunity to test a self-sustaining model where players can access top quality content, reward the content creators, and fund community-led events,” said Alex Price, brand director at Relic. “We’re excited to see how this might pave the way for more collaboration with players and designers across our portfolio of games.”