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Hugely underrated WW2 strategy game is now briefly free to play

Despite mixed responses, one WW2 strategy game on Steam remains underrated, and you can briefly try it for yourself free of charge.

Company of Heroes 3 Steam free to play: A soldier from strategy game Company of Heroes 3

It’s a tough world for strategy games. Between Civilization 6, Age of Empires, erstwhile classics like Command and Conquer, and now the likes of Manor Lords and Frostpunk, there’s a terrific amount of competition. Expectations are high, and some great games are overlooked and partly maligned even if they have relatively minor flaws. Small-scale and intense, one WW2 RTS is a classic example of a game that deserves more attention, despite some of its shortcomings. It’s struggled a little so far, but it’s now briefly available for free, so this is the perfect time to try it out and decide for yourself.

Company of Heroes 3 is not without its faults. The latest instalment in Relic’s well-loved strategy game series, it’s quicker, simpler, and perhaps easier than its predecessors – for long-time fans of brutal, hardcore strategy, CoH 3 marks too much of a concession to a wider player base, lowering the barrier to entry, but sacrificing some of the series’ core principles in the process.

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Since its 2023 launch however, Company of Heroes 3 has steadily improved. At its heart, it’s still true to the series’ fundamentals, a zoomed in, low-speed but high-stakes tactical strategy game where even the smallest decision can mean the difference between life and death. Our Company of Heroes 3 review outlines fully all of the game’s greatest strengths.

If you avoided Company of Heroes 3 at launch or if you’ve been unsure about trying it out so far, you can now play it for free, at least for a limited time. The Company of Heroes 3 free period runs until Monday May 13, but even after it’s concluded, the strategy game is also available at a 50% discount – until May 16, you can get Company of Heroes 3 for $29.99/£24.99. Just head right here.

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