Back along the Western Front: Company of Heroes 2 to get standalone multiplayer expansion

No historical timeframe has yet been given for Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

Western Front Armies is out now; here’s our Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies review.

Company of Heroes will return to a familiar stretch of Europe for its first standalone multiplayer release – a DLC pack named Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

“This is a new entry point for the series,” said executive producer Greg Wilson. “You can play with and against the AI, you can play in comp stomp skirmish modes with your friends and you can also go into our automatch pool against other Company of Heroes players.”

Two new factions are the headline features for the expansion – the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West. Only the latter has an uber-fantastic name, but both promise “distinct units, new abilities, new upgrades and new tactical and strategic elements”.

There are also eight new maps – all of which will be dropped into the Company of Heroes 2 automatch pool.

“The unique thing is that you’re actually going to be able to play against existing COH2 content, too,” Wilson told Eurogamer. “So if you buy the US forces, say, you’ll be able to drop into the automatch pool and play against the Eastern Front armies potentially on an Eastern Front map.”

That possibility will work both ways – so existing Company of Heroes players without the DLC could be paired up on a Western Front map with a new faction via automatch. Whether you buy into it or not, Western Front Armies is expanding the game.

The DLC will be released sometime in June – though not necessarily D-Day. UK prices haven’t yet been announced, but in the US you’ll be able to buy each of the two new armies separately for $12.99, or together with the maps for $19.99.

Do you think you’ll enlist? Perhaps this’ll be your first affair with the series?