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Conan Exiles cracked after Denuvo was removed by accident

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Just like Resident Evil 7, another Denuvo-protected game has been cracked straight after release. This time it’s Conan Exiles, though it wasn’t Denuvo’s fault in this instance. 

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While it took Resident Evil 7 a week to be cracked, Conan Exiles was pirated in a day. The reason Denuvo was bypassed so quickly is because the developers accidentally removed it in an update.

“Denuvo was temporarily removed due to an error in the build process,” Funcom told Eurogamer.

It was soon added back in a subsequent update, but now there’s an Early Access version on torrent sites that will live on forever in unfinished limbo.

Because players can host their own worlds and play them with others, the barriers contained in other online games aren’t such an obstacle with Exiles.

Luckily for Funcom, the survival game is selling well despite all this, sitting at the top of Steam’s best sellers list.

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