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Funcom want to make another Conan game, but they won’t start it until 2018

Funcom Conan

Update, September 4: Funcom will be making another game with the Conan IP, but not until after they’ve finished development on Conan Exiles.

After the Conan Exiles team tweeted to confirm they are “planning another Conan game,” they said that they won’t get fully started on it until after they’ve completed their current project.

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In the earnings report linked below, Funcom announced that their Oslo team had a new Conan project in the early stages of development. They go on to say, however, that pre-production on this game had been pushed back from its planned start date in late 2017 to early 2018. The change comes based on a desire to focus on finishing Conan Exiles, which is due for full release in March 2018.

Original Story, August 31:Funcom are planning to make another game using the Conan the Barbarian IP, according to theirlatest quarterly report. It is planned to enter pre-production in early 2018, as the Funcom Oslo team shift focus from Conan Exiles.

This decision to make another game with the Conan licence comes after Conan Exiles becoming the company’s biggest earner during Q2 of 2017. With positive reception to its Frozen North expansion and a full launch planned in early 2018, it seems that Funcom want to ride the Conan wave with another project featuring the famous barbarian. It is uncertain at this time as to the form of this new Conan game, but it will be made by the Funcom team up in Oslo.

As for the Funcom team in North Carolina, their new project is “dependent on the performance of Secret Worlds Legends,” as well as the hiring of additional staff to work on this project. On top of these two games, Funcom are also planning to release a “tactical turn-based strategy game” in 2018, with the help of a company called Bearded Dragons International. When looking into Bearded Dragons International, the only things that are readily available are press releases from Funcom back in June, as well as information of a company registered in Cyprus. We should find out more about this project later this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

According to the quarterly report, these projects are all part of Funcom’s new strategy of releasing “multiple games a year” to increase their company portfolio. When you also consider that a Secret Worlds TV show is currently in pre-production as well, Funcom are not hanging about when it comes to padding out their portfolio.

If you’re interesting in reading either the quarterly report or presentation, you can find links to them on Funcom’s official website.