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Terrifying WWI horror game finally has a launch date and new demo

Absolutely terrifying WWI horror game Conscript has a launch date and a new Steam Next Fest demo for you to try it before you buy it.

Conscript demo release date: a soldier surrounded by a red glow

Horror games are always set in abandoned old mansions, disused hospitals, or creepy forests. Arguably one of the most horrifying settings in the real world is a warzone, and Conscript puts us right into the quaking boots of a WWI soldier who just wants to get himself and his brother back to their mother. Taking clear inspirations from Resident Evil and Dark Souls, it reminds us that war is terrible, and not an action-packed romp around the world.

Conscript is a survival horror game that goes back to the genre’s roots. Controls are clunky by design, inventory space is severely limited, and saving is sparse — think Silent Hill. I’ve played the demo at Gamescom and WASD, and both times it was an affecting experience. We’re all told war is hell, but few games show that as well as Conscript.

The sounds of Conscript are what struck me so intensely. Deep in the allied trenches, you can hear the sobs of men who’d rather be anywhere but where they are, and once you get closer to the German side, the screams and yells sound positively monstrous. I asked developer Jordan Mochi if I was just fighting humans, and he told me the game is meant to show how war makes monsters of us all.

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Mochi is right. As I ventured through the trenches, shovel in hand, I was horrified at the squelching sounds heads made as I’d cave them in. Aiming with one trigger and then confirming the attack with another made every strike one I had to actively think about. Each one was a decision to place my life above someone else’s. It became easier once I found a shotgun, as the roar of the barrel drowned out the noise of death for a short moment.

Conscript finally has a release date, Tuesday July 23. If you can’t wait until then, you can try out the new Steam Next Fest demo right here.

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