The Constructor remake is out now along with a free demo

Constructor HD Remake Out Now

A HD remake of System 3’s classic RTS game Constructor has just been released. The 1997 comedic building management game has been ported to numerous different platforms over the last 20 years, before the HD remaster was announced back in 2015.

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In Constructor, you take on the role of a morally dubious construction site manager, who will stop at nothing to push his projects through and hamper the efforts of his rivals. In order to make money, you must build houses, ranging in size from cabins to mansions, all whilst producing places for ‘undesirables’ to live. These undesirables can then be sent into enemy construction sites to picket, attack and generally impede their workflow.

Creators System 3 Software have made a couple of quick guides for how to best utilize undesirables. There are two out already and six more to come soon. You can check them out below.

The Hippy operates out of a Commune and can picket enemy construction sites, as well as annoy tenants with loud music and squat in unoccupied houses.

The Gangster needs a Brick Yard in order to grant you access to the Mob HQ. He can then take out enemy undesirables who are bothering you, or be sent to remove their workers and mess up the workflow of their projects.

You can grab Constructor on Steam for $29.99/£24.99. There’s also a free demo if you want to give it a try before you buy.