Contrast is a stylish 1920’s Paris-set platformer where your silhouette has substance


Set in a Parisian vaudeville dreamscape, Contrast is a platformer that grants you the power to merge into your own shadow to traverse levels. You’ll be altering light sources to form new paths through puzzle spaces, walking across the shadow cast by a statue’s arm or using the silhouette of a fairground carousel as your own personal elevator. It all looks very stylish and it’s coming to a Steam storeplace near you later this year.

As you can see, it’s got a wonderful visual palette.

Of course, looks aren’t what’s important in a game, it’s just the covering of the mechanics, and I reckon that the central conceit underlying Contrast could have what it takes to make a really compelling little platformer. It’s all down to how good developer Compulsion Games are at crafting puzzles and we won’t know that till the game is in our greasy mitts.

Having already got through the Steam Greenlight gauntlet, Contrast is due for release through Valve’s store as soon as development wraps later this Spring. We hope to bring you some more coverage between now and release.

Thanks, Eurogamer.