Cooler Master is building a do-it-yourself power supply

Cooler Master Project Fanless

Cooler Master is building a fanless 650 watt PSU that will increase up to 1000 watts once fitted with a fan of your choice. Neat. Now normally we wouldn’t recommend tinkering in your PSU – seriously you might die – but Cooler Master’s latest PSU project has a dedicated fan drawer for complete personalisation.

Pick a fan, any fan. Actually the unit can only fit a single 120mm PWM fan within its industry-standard ATX frame, but that still leaves you with plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer absolute silence with a maglev, Noctua’s controversial beige styling, or RGB galore with all the bells and whistles, Project Fanless hands you the choice.

Cooler Master was showing off Project Fanless over at Computex, and its reps were the first to admit it might be a little niche. But that’s the beauty of PC, there’s enough of us PC gamers to justify even the most outrageous ideas. Heck, it wasn’t that long ago that FSP announce the Hydro PTM+ 1200W, a liquid-cooled power supply.

Please don’t attempt to liquid cool your PSU at home. Best leave that to the professionals, or, even better, don’t bother at all.

Cooler Master Project Fanless

Cooler Master’s Project Fanless will run at 650W without a fan installed, pretty handy if you demand complete silence. However, with your fan of choice in place it will immediately bump up to 1000W. Supposedly any 120mm PWM fan will unlock the higher power rating, regardless of its efficacy (within reason).

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The project remains in development limbo for the time being, and Cooler Master don’t have a specific date for its release. In the meantime, please, please, don’t try to replace your PSU fan at home.

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