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The best Coral Island mods 2024

The best Coral Island mods right now, including game-changing cheats, and how to install them all to the cute and popular PC farming game.

Coral Island mods: Coral Island NPC Mark on a background of the sea in the life sim.

What are the best Coral Island mods? The Sims 4, Stardew Valley, and other life sim games have been an incredible success in their base form, but are made even better with fan-built mods, adding to their longevity.

Like in any farming sim or life game, Coral Island is about gathering resources, crafting items, and building your life and fortune. Having said that, Coral Island offers much more, including dating and marriage. If you make a mistake or want to change the events of your life, you might be considering installing Coral Island mods, so here’s the best ones right now and how to install them.

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The best Coral Island mods

Currently, the best way to install mods in Coral Island is via the third-party app WeMod. Official mod compatibility is coming to the farming game after it reaches the required Kickstarter stretch goal, but there is no date for this yet. In the meantime, the WeMod download installs a range of useful Coral Island mods and cheats to your game.

All Coral Island mods and cheats available via WeMod:

  • Unlimited HP
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Item never decrease
  • Clone item on remove
  • Watering never decrease
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited mastery point
  • Edit money
  • Multiply relationship point get
  • Multiply mastery experience gain
  • Level up animal heart daily
  • Instant catch fish
  • Fishing line never break
  • Instant kill
  • Freeze bug alertness
  • Ignore lab upgrade materials
  • Ignore tool crafting materials
  • Ignore item crafting materials
  • Remove gift limit
  • Instant cut tree
  • Stop time
  • Add one hour
  • Sub one hour
  • Edit day
  • Edit month
  • Edit year
  • Game speed
  • Multiply move speed

Every single one of the mods and cheats above comes as part of the single WeMod download, and can be toggled on or off depending on your requirements. Upon downloading WeMod, you can open the mod window to choose which ones you want to use. Take a look at the video above to see more of how this works.

The WeMod installer over a backdrop of the Coral Island game.

How to install Coral Island mods

To install Coral Island mods, you must be playing Coral Island on PC via Steam:

  • Download and install the WeMod Coral Island trainer.
  • Run the app.
  • Open Coral Island.

As the WeMod install runs in the background and automatically scans for compatible software, you simply need to keep the window open as you play Coral Island, toggling your mods and cheats as you require them in-game.

A list of Coral Island stretch goals, including official Coral Island mods, from Kickstarter.

Official Coral Island modding compatibility

Coral Island was originally funded on Kickstarter, and had massive success on the crowdfunding platform. As such, many additional stretch goals were achieved, including official mod support. While official mod support isn’t available in Coral Island yet, the game has only recently come out of Early Access, and mod support and Coral Island multiplayer are still to come.

With these Coral Island mods and cheats, you’ll be able to do anything you want in the life game – we just wish that were possible in real life. If the dating aspect of Coral Island has you hooked, then you might like some of our favorite dating sims, too, but if you just prefer a relaxing game experience, then a variety of visual novels could be the perfect way to keep busy while you wait for your crops to grow.