This indie Terraria meets Diablo blend is a hit on Steam

Core Keeper turns Terraria into a dungeon crawler, and early signs point to a new hit on Steam

Players gather in Core Keeper

Picture Terraria – now turn it top-down and fill it with Diablo-style procedurally-generated dungeons to crawl, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect from Core Keeper. The game’s demo was one of the big hits of the recent Steam Next Fest, and now it’s drawing in an impressive number of paying players in Steam Early Access.

Core Keeper hit Early Access today with a 10% launch discount, bringing the price down to $11.69 / £9.89 / €11.69. It reached a peak concurrent player count of 7,555 on day one, which is a bit shy of Steam’s top 100, but an impressive debut for a new indie game from an as-yet-little-known studio.

Core Keeper has already been playable in a variety of betas up to this point, which partly explains its popularity. The game is playable either in solo or in eight-player co-op, and has you digging through an endless cave to gather resources, build your base, upgrade your equipment, and seek out a whole host of monstrous bosses to power up your Core and unravel the setting’s mysteries.

The devs have provided a loose roadmap for the game’s major updates in Early Access, including three big biome additions: The Sunken Sea, Desert, and Crystal biomes. Along the way, they hope to add additional “nice to have” features like boats, friendly animals, and emotes.

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