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Very positive co-op sandbox game now discounted below $10

Core Keeper, a popular Steam co-op sandbox mining and survival game, has just received a hefty discount that brings its price below $10.

Very Positive co-op sandbox survival game heavily discounted: Three characters shown mining, forging, and cooking, from Core Keeper.

At this point, in the year 2024, most people have probably settled into the survival or building game they’re going to play for the foreseeable future. Enshrouded and Sons of the Forest snatched up a ton of attention from the former category while Palworld and Valheim are hits with players most interested in the latter. Still, despite this, there are still plenty of competitors worth keeping an eye on within these genres, especially games like the popular Core Keeper, which you can grab for less than $10 USD on Steam right now.

Core Keeper has been out in Early Access on Steam since 2022, with its creators at Pugstorm still hard at work patching and updating the co-op game. Core Keeper is a building and survival game that casts players as explorers in a massive cave system who must craft, scavenge, farm, and build bases to survive their expedition deeper into the dangerous subterranean world. These explorers can venture into the caves on their own or form teams of up to eight players in co-op as well.

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Pugstorm appears to be on the right track with its updates. Core Keeper currently boasts a Very Positive rating on Steam based on 24,015 reviews and has just been knocked down to its lowest price to date. As part of Steam’s Spring Sale, Core Keeper is currently 40% off, making it just $9.59 USD / £7.79 between now and March 21. Grab a copy right here.

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