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Corsair next to have a go at making 4K PC gaming in your living room a thing

Corsair Bulldog & Lapdog

We’ve been presented with images of living room PC gaming by a few different companies in recent years, with Valve and Nvidia perhaps doing much of the leg work. This time it’s Corsair’s turn to excite us with the convenience of doing all your gaming on the sofa with its new Bulldog PC and Lapdog mouse and keyboard, um, tray thingy. 

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So that explains the dog in that header image.

The Bulldog comes either as a barebones system, or a built-up machine ready to go. It’s fitted with a 600W PSU and liquid CPU cooler, both from Corsair, and there’s room for three 2.5-inch SSDs within it. A Z170 motherboard lies in wait within the barebones system too, which is priced at $399.

There’s no pricing or spec list for the full bundle yet, so it looks like they might be holding off until Nvidia’s new GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards arrive at the end of this month.

What makes it suited to the living room? It’s tiny, to put it succinctly. A little bit bigger than an Xbox One, but obviously a lot more powerful once you’e filled it full of wholesome PC parts.

It can also be paired with Corsair’s other new living room product, the Lapdog. Here’s where I get off the bus, I’m afraid: it’s a $119 TV lap tray for your mouse and keyboard. I’m sure it’s manufactured to the same high standard of other Corsair products – I love their cases, PSUs, peripherals and other bits – but I just can’t see where that price tag has been plucked from.

You can buy a K70 keyboard with the Bulldog for $249.98, but you’re free to use any mouse and keyboard with it. The mouse area is 11×11 inches, and it weighs 2.63kg. And costs $119, in case I haven’t emphasised that enough yet.

Thanks, PCG.