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Save $200 on this great 32-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor from Corsair

The Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 is available with a 20% discount on Amazon, making a great gaming monitor even better in terms of value.

Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 gaming monitor against an orange background

Few additions to a gaming setup are as transformative as a bigger screen, made all the better with a high resolution and refresh rate. The Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 delivers on all these fronts, and can now be yours for a tidy $200 (20%) discount.

Heading over to Amazon, the Xeneon 32UHD144’s usual MSRP of $999.99 has fallen to a much more affordable $799.99. That’s $200 you could spend on games in the Steam Winter Sale to properly showcase your new screen.

In my Xeneon 32UHD144 review, I praise Corsair for crafting a monitor that delivers accurate colors and solid response times. These traits combined with its 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, and you have a solid option from competitive and cinematic gamers alike.

Its only real weakness is its HDR performance, a drawback that’s shared across the board with other IPS monitors. As such, the Xeneon 32UHD144 is a bargain at $799.99.

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