Costumed vigilantes beat men to death in Marvel Heroes trailer


Marvel at the latest trailer for Marvel Heroes from PAX 2012! Or don’t. You can always just look at it normally if you like, with no particularly heightened sense of awe or astonishment. It stars the blind Daredevil, the angry Punisher and the sarcastic Spider-Man as they smack, shoot and web gangster mobs in their upcoming free to play MMO. “It’s time to take the city back!” growls Daredevil. I thought they’d already done that in the last film? Honestly, you turn your back for one second…

Marvel Heroes’ roster is flowing over. Daredemon, Puncher and Spiderman join an entire costume department of other Marvel Heroes such as The Incredible Thing, Ironman, Mrs Storm, Viking Man and Captain USA. There’s even a a thick slice of the X-Men crew on board, including Wolfman and fan-favourite Cyclon.

And with Gazillion Games promising a steady infusion of character updates, it’s only a matter of time until we see the likes of Jann of the Jungle, Captain Wings, 3-D Man, Spitfire, Positron and Citation Needed make their entrance. Marvel Heroes’ release date is currently unknown.