Could Sega become Relic’s new owners?


Sega are rumoured to be the highest bidders in the battle to own Relic – creators of Dawn of War, Company of Heroes and (once upon a time) Homeworld.

Which of us wouldn’t want to own Relic, one of the last, great custodians of the PC RTS’ dying light? Step forward and be shouted down. And what popular strategy developer wouldn’t want to be owned by Sega, they who’ve done right by the Creative Assembly for the best part of a decade?

It’s something of a best case scenario in what must be a fraught, terrifying process for THQ’s studios. The company’s assets are being auctioned off in relative private today, but VG247 have heard unconfirmed reports that Sega are in point position to acquire Relic.

Creative Assembly recently picked up the license for a new series in the fantasy Warhammer universe; this latest move from Sega would bring the future of Games Workshop’s most promising PC games in-house.

Elsewhere, DDInvesting claim that Ubisoft is likely to buy up much of THQ’s best – including South Park: The Stick of Truth if the sale is allowed to go through – and Koch Media are reported to be in the running for Volition and the Saints Row series.

What say you to a potentially Sega-owned Relic?