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CS:GO player catches 15k cheaters using vigilante AI

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player took it upon himself to catch cheaters - and he's been very successful

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, like many multiplayer shooters, has its fair share of cheaters among its community. One player, however, has had enough of people breaking the rules, so he built an AI to catch them – 15k of them, in fact!

2Eggs, a regular Steam user who happens to have a talent for finding cheaters, built a system called HestiaNet to do just that. The AI is a deep-learning platform that has been given game data reaching back to 2015. This helps it to understand what is ‘normal’ player behaviour and what is suspicious.

“What got me interested in this was the demo John McDonald [Senior Software Engineer at Valve] did back at GDC in 2018,” 2Eggs tells our sister site, The Loadout. “After that I wanted to see if I could do something but I’d be the one marking harder decisions on whether someone was cheating or not. I only really finished it to a satisfactory point this year.

“I called it HestiaNet because, as you know, CS:GO is infested with cheaters and the Goddess Hestia has a power of healing as well as power of hearth and fire. I want HestiaNet to heal over the games infestation and to get rid of as many cheaters as possible. To many of us in the community, CS:GO is a home, and Hestia is also the protector of the house.”

Out of the 17,659 cases HestiaNet has reviewed so far, 15,356 of those were reported. 15,104 ended up in a ban. Not bad for just one Steam user!

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