Counter-Strike: Global Offensive drew more than 1m viewers at IEM Katowice

counter strike global offensive intel extreme masters

250,000 people watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at last year’s Intel Extreme Masters. This year more than 1 million people tuned in.

Following the tournament, almost 600,000 people were playing the game concurrently through Steam.

Clearly, 2015’s starting out as a very strong year for Valve’s shooter.

This weekend saw the Intel Extreme Masters tournament, a huge eSports tournament, this year being hosted in Katowice, Poland. Along with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there were games of StarCraft 2 and League of Legends being played at the event.

Last year CS:GO brought more than 250,000 viewers, a huge achievement for the shooter, bat that’s nothing compared to this year’s 1,000,000.

Another fascinating stat to come out of the event is the Starcraft 2 viewers. IEM was 1,000 viewers short of beating Blizzcon’s own viewing numbers.

I hadn’t realised that CS:GO was so much more popular to watch than Starcraft 2, considering Starcraft’s been a pillar of the eSports community for more than a decade.

The Daily Dot also note that the weekend saw a new all-time peak for CS:GO concurrent players. 595,439 players logged in to Steam on Sunday to play Valve’s shooter.