PSA: Dre's 'Still D.R.E' is the exact right tempo for perfect AK47 fire rate in CS:GO | PCGamesN

PSA: Dre's 'Still D.R.E' is the exact right tempo for perfect AK47 fire rate in CS:GO


Sometimes, getting better at your favourite online games is a long process of training, researching, experimenting and competing.

Sometimes, you just need to listen to listen to the right music. Such is the case for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and learning to shoot an AK47.

For some more serious CS:GO help, here’s our list of console commands.

For those out of the loop, 'tapping' refers to hitting perfect timing between shots of fully auto weapons in Counter-Strike to keep them extremely accurate at longer ranges while still putting out damage. Each gun has their own perfect timing, and it turns out that the Snoop Dogg / Dr. Dre cooperative effort Still D.R.E. has a piano loop that is perfectly timed for the AK47.

We’re not joking, and neither was this Reddit poster when they gave us the idea. Extremely serious games journalists that we are, some testing was required. The results are below.

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Armed with this new knowledge, you’ll be climbing the ladder in no-time, though you may get a tad sick of the word “still” if you’re listening on loop - such is the price of improvement. Nothing is free in this world.

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BraveToaster avatarBen Barrett avatar
BraveToaster Avatar
1 Year ago

hahah there's a lot of rhythm to Counter Strike. Listen to the right music and you'll be able to bunny hop consistently too

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

that can be video 2...