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Google now returns esports results based on search terms

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In addition to standard search results, Google lists all kinds of more specific types of info when you enter particular search terms. Type in weather and you’ll get a local forecast, and if you type in a math problem you’ll get a calculator with the answer waiting. You can even type in the name of particular sports team or league and get current results for the games. Now, you can even do the same with esports.

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Google now automatically returns esports results for relevant search terms, so you’ve got one less click to make when looking for info. Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube’s gaming division, announced the feature yesterday on Twitter. Previously it only surfaced games that were broadcast on YouTube but it was updated to grab from anywhere. Those on YouTube do give you an archive link, however.

Inputting team names also reveals more detailed results, including previous tournaments throughout 2017. Sadly, a search of “Misfits” still directs you to the band, but “Misfits csgo” will get you to the real stuff.

It’s a very useful feature, assuming it moves beyond a promotional tool for big-name YouTube broadcasts. That, however, all depends on how much you trust the Google “don’t be evil” mantra.