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German TV cancels CS:GO ELEAGUE broadcast and removes website following Munich massacre


Following the recent violence in Germany, ProSieben, a German television channel, has cancelled all eSports broadcasts, including this week’s planned ELEAGUE CS:GO matches. The channel has also removed its ELEAGUE website.

German fans can still watch ELEAGUE’s semi-finals and finals live on the 99Damage Twitch stream, but it won't be televised. Matthias ‘Knochen’ Remmert, a 99Damage broadcaster, posted the announcement to Facebook, via eSports Observer.

“I find it very, very unfortunate that such an act now has these consequences and can not have the chance to show the masses that eSports are sports,” Remmert said, “and how professional [it is when it] comes to business.”

He went on to say that eSports fans should respect the decision, which is probably the best course of action in these troubling times, especially if people are wanting to prove that the eSports scene is professional. 

It seems like videogames are in the crosshairs following the recent tragedies. Even here in the UK, sites like the BBC felt it worth mentioning that the Munich shooter was a Counter-Strike player. 

Following the Munich shooting, Germany's interior minister publicly condemned violent videogames.

Somehow I don't think this is over just yet. 

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TsunamiWombat Avatar
1 Year ago

Any time someone tries to tell you that Videogames cause violence, gently remind them that once upon a time in the 1800's every expert, leader, author and philosopher was *convinced* that a popular novel could make you commit suicide

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

To be fair that was the 18th century, so somewhere between 1700-1799. Quite an old example, but still very interesting.

EDIT: Just read more of the article, sorry I was wrong. 1775-1825 for the actual events. Plenty plausible to say that the leaders of the 1800's believed the book was a doom-bringer.

Ocid Avatar
1 Year ago

There's always been a scapegoat of sorts.

Rock music, graphic novels, written books etc. Video games just happens to be the latest one.

stanscut Avatar
1 Year ago

As a german I feel ashamed for this decision. I would not have watched it on ProSieben anyways but it just shows how many blockheads still think that commiting such a crime is related to videogames