Kreedz Climbing is now a standalone game


Kreedz Climbing, or Counter-Strike’s “kz_platforming’ map, is now a standalone game title available on Steam. 

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Touted as a “nonviolent platformer” that pits players against the clock as they fight their way to the finish in courses that challenge their skills, it’s available via Steam as a free-to-play game.

The standalone release includes 120 maps, various courses with different disciplines and requirements, Tag Arena Multiplayer, and the ability to create your own maps. You can compete with others online in said maps as well, or play co-op with them as well. You can also annotate maps you’ve created with special instructions, arrows, and other things that come to mind.

If you’re looking to take your typical Counter-Strike game to the next level, consider trying out Kreedz Climbing for something a little different. It’s a little like digital parkour, if that sounds appealing to you.