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Counter-Strike creator Minh Le’s Tactical Intervention coming to Steam in August


Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le co-developed a Half-Life mod that went on to define the playtime (and in some cases, lives) of thousands of shooter players across the next decade and a half. He left Valve when that game’s first sequel was shelved, and has since joined forces with Fix Korea to develop Tactical Intervention, a familiar-sounding team-based online shooter. The free-to-play game was recently dropped by original publisher OGPlanet, and is now penciled in for Steam release in August.

Given that Valve have never had any qualms about advertising their competitors on the front page and the fact that the original Counter-Strike is routinely among the top five most played games on the service, I think Steam could be the best possible thing to happen to TI.

There’s a countdown timer on the official site with nearly 50 days on the clock, which by my calculations takes us to August 22.

Game modes incorporate the usual desperate scenarios – bomb defusal, fights to the death and hostage capture or rescue. And one other:

“The highway mission represents a brand new challenge for all shooter fans,” say Le and co. “In a high-speed car chase a VIP needs to be either protected or taken out. In this mode, not only are aiming and tactics of great importance, but players’ driving skills are also put to the test.

“They have to make sure to avoid the helicopter, or find the RPG-7 and take it out.”

Is it just me, or does that sound like something new?