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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is free this weekend and it’s all thanks to ESWC 2012 finals


Valve’s games have hit adolescence, I can’t think of any other explanation as to why two weekends in a row now they’ve let their games free to hang out on our computers without a chaparone. I mean, do we honestly believe that they are “so excited about this [the ESWC 2012 finals], not only did we send half the CS:GO team to France to watch and talk with the pro players, we also want to make sure all players can view the matches – so we are making CS:GO free this weekend!”? Nope, gotta be growing pains.

The news of the free weekend was announced on CS:GO’s blog, in a post also talking about the first day of the Paris-basedESWC 2012 finals. Not a Paris resident, then you can watch them live on the CS:GO’s GOTV (the only way to make that sound sillier is to say it out loud), don’t have a copy of CS:GO, well, Valve are making it free his weekend… oh, now I see what they were saying in the intro.

The weekend startsThursday at 10am to Sunday at 1pm PST. That’s 6pm on Thursday here in the UK, until 9pm on Sunday.

The post hints at a sale to go with the game, so hopefully we’ll be seeing a 50% reduction.

*sound of fingers crossing*