Counter Strike: Global Offensive gains overwatch – a community regulated report system


In a recent game update Valve have added a new feature to Counter Strike: Global Offensive: Overwatch. This new community centric tool allows for qualified members known as “Investigators” to watch footage of reported cheats/hackers. Upon reviewing the footage they can submit a verdict based on what behaviour was shown. The results of these verdicts can mean warnings and even temporary bans if the consensus deems it.

According to the Overwatch FAQ page the beta will issue fewer cases, those then will be reviewed by Valve staff before judgement is passed. It will only be when Overwatch becomes entirely community-driven when the power really is in the players hands.

Here’s how it works:

When someone receives a high number of reports/complaints, their activity will be monitored and recorded. Community members chosen by Valve based on wins, account age, hours played, skill bracket and report count will then receive sample footage of the suspect.

This footage will have all the players names replaced and will be omitted of all voice communication, leaving the suspected player named as “The Suspect”. After watching the sample match, Investigators can then deem whether their behaviour was majorly disruptive, minorly disruptive or that there was not enough evidence.

Valve will also insert test cases into the pile to ensure investigators are being fair. Investigators who consistently pass correct judgement will increase in score, holding more weight than others when it comes down to a consensus.

Here’s a great video demonstrating the new Overwatch in action: