Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map Workshop launches alongside cs_assault


Well-remembered hostage rescue map cs_assault has made the leap to CS:GO in an update this weekend, so that’s nice. But what if your soul burns with an unspeakable hatred for cs_assault – an undying rage with an errant 15-year-old grenade at its centre of infinite mass? Then you can turn to the new Map Workshop – either to acquaint yourself with community maps or to part with your own.

The Workshop is navigated in the usual Steam-based fashion. Players and community servers hosts can subscribe to a map to see it downloaded instantly, and updated whenever its creator releases bug fixes. You can also ‘follow’ the most competent and prolific mapmakers to ensure you’re kept informed of their movements.

What’s more, Valve are now allowing mapmakers to play with the fundaments of game settings with custom game modes, which should make for some interesting variations on the familiar CS theme.

Here’s the new in-client map browser, already heaving with community creations. They’ve mostly got all_lower_case_with_underscores titles, which is cute.

Some recommendations would be great for getting started. Which are the best community maps going for CS:GO?