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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update sees grenade practice made easier and the return of de_mirage


Whenever I feel the need to be bewildered, I’ll head to Youtube and watch the CS veterans bounce grenades from the tiles of a nearby roofs just so. Cue an angry ragdoll or three at a chokepoint half a map away.

Today in CS:GO: a new tool that will make that sort of thing easier to learn. Simply type “sv_grenade_trajectory 1” into the console on a private server, and you’ll be able to see the arc of your bombs before you throw them.

Also! An update of classic map de_mirage, now playable on Casual, Competitive, and Deathmatch servers.

You can read all about Valve’s map update process in this thorough blog post. In short, the dev team have given Mirage a comprehensive visual overhaul, but taken care to retain the geometry and layout of the original map in almost every case. That way, they’ve ensured that key peeking angles remain viable. They have widened a couple of areas players have commonly deemed too tight, however.

“Over the course of Mirage’s update, when we weren’t playtesting the old map, the CS:GO team was immersing itself in demos, movies, and streams about it,” write the developers.

“We wanted to have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of how the map was played on a competitive level, so that we could achieve a specific goal: to improve the readability and graphics of Mirage without losing any of the gameplay, jumps, corners, timings and balance that has made it so incredibly playable for three generations of Counter-Strike players.”

Oh, one more thing: Operation Payback passes are on sale til Monday. For $0.99, you’ll get access to some beloved community maps on Valve’s dedicated matchmaking servers and reward their creators in the process.

Full patch notes follow. Who here’s been waiting for de_mirage to turn up? And for how long?


  • Added de_mirage.
  • Added console command to help players plan strategic grenades. Set sv_grenade_trajectory 1 (cheat convar) to see a visual arc in-game.


  • Overwatch Investigators are now required to submit more detailed verdict reports after reviewing evidence.
  • Fixed interpolation issues during GOTV and Overwatch demo playback which caused the weapon of a shooting player to visually appear several ticks behind the moment a victim was hit.
  • Overwatch FAQ updated. http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/overwatch/

Operation Payback

  • Operation Payback Pass on sale for $0.99 until Monday 6/17.


  • Added links to top streams on the main menu.
  • Added an audio option to reduce game music volume when Steam Overlay is activated.


  • Restored the “retry” console command.
  • Players can only submit griefing reports for teammates.