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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update tweaks guns and maps


The changes in the recent update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may seem on the small side, little tweaks here, some bug fixes there, repairing a fatal crash event and what have you but they show that Hidden Path are keeping on top of their eSports baby.

I’ve copied in the full patch notes below but the thing that stands out is the tweaks made to maps released with the game. “Made a pass at incorporating some lessons learned from Mirage to original maps,” read the notes. What this works out at is that Hidden Path have gone through De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Dust2, De_Aztec, and De_Train altering geometry to improve visibility. It should mean that players will have a better idea of where their teammates and their opponents are when fighting across the more open and contested parts of the map.

Here are the full notes:


– Playing a demo recorded on a workshop map will attempt to automatically download and display that workshop map.

– Added a convar cl_download_demoplayer to control whether demo player is allowed to download external resources, defaults to 1 allowing downloads from workshop, allows 2 for downloading all other external resources that could be referenced by community server.

– Added engine support for versioning official maps, so demo playback will seamlessly download and load matching version of the map when playing back older demos. ( Currently supports Nuke, Inferno, Dust2 )

– Fixed rare crashes in HUD when game events were received before HUD elements were fully loaded.


– Additional minor buffs to the Aug and Sig.

– Smoke grenades have been adjusted to make their view-obscuring overlay match the smoke volume shape more precisely as well as some other minor fixes.


– Spectating a flashed player via GOTV now shows an additional effect and icon to indicate blindness without obscuring the spectators view.

– Fixed a case where GOTV spectator would get the round radar template instead of the square one.

– Grenade trajectories are now on by default in spectator x-ray view. Convar sv_grenade_trajectory_time_spectator will adjust visible trail duration.

[ MAPS ]

– Made a pass at incorporating some lessons learned from Mirage to original maps. Also, bug fixes.


– Widened apartment hallway near A

– Replaced red car in middle with solid cover

– Fixed radar naming on haycart

– Improved visibility


– Added radar names

Bug fixes

– Improved visibility


– Improved visibility

– Bug fixes


– Improved visibility


– Improved visibility