New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map in the works


The above image was tweeted from Valve’s Counter-Strike dev account, picked up by Reddit, and, well – looks new, dunnit?

In fact, it looks like de_vertigo, a Counter-Strike 1.6 defusal map set in (and evidently just outside) the confines of a skyscraper construction site. It’s a state-owned skyscraper, which means terrorists attack, counter-terrorists defend.

de_vertigo was discovered listed in a text document named ‘DLC Maps’ buried in Counter-Strike: GO’s files last month, alongside ‘de_embassy’, ‘cs_assault’, ‘de_balkan’, ‘ar_monastery’, ‘de_depot’, and ‘de_alleyway’.

Global Offensive players, both new and 1.6 old – will another official map make your heart glad? Let us know if you’re playing.