Next from the co-developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: relationships with dragons


If you read Jules’ post on Hidden Path’s Windborne yesterday, you’ll know it isn’t much like Counter-Strike. It’s multiplayer, if you want it to be, but it’s not competitive. It’s collaborative – a block-based “social sandbox” of drifting islands you can cultivate or explore with friends.

And it’s not just other players you’ll be getting to know. You’ll have “really special” relationships with dragons, too.

Windborne’s lizards will be used as ready transport to hop between islands. Thanks to an accessible breeding program, you’ll be able to create infinite dragons – the number of dragons we’ve recently become accustomed to in PC gaming – but you’ll only share a real connection with one.

“We want the relationship with your dragon to be really special but not limit you to how many you can train and hatch,” Hidden Path’s Michael Austin told Destructoid. “So one dragon will be your constant companion (where it enables special moves), and the others will do things that are interesting to them on your island.

“They are not just different skins, but have favorite foods and locations they enjoy, so observing your dragons is part of the fun.”

Hidden Path plan to continually update the game for free via Steam, and have their eye on all the best Steam suffixes – Workshop, Trading, and Community Marketplace. In the latter, they hope players will design new blocks, blueprints and even biomes or dungeon types.

Gods, this is starting to sound brilliant. Wouldn’t you say?

Cheers, RPS.