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Valve introduce Classic Competitive matchmaking to CS:GO, with match abandonment punishable through forced timeouts


As of yesterday’s update, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s ‘Join in Progress’ matchmaking system has been joined by a Classic Competitive mode, which introduces both a queue system and measures designed to prevent players from leaving the game when a match turns sour.

When searching for a Competitive mode game, either alone through the Find a Game menu or as part of a team through Play with Friends, players will be placed in a queue. The match will start as soon as ten compatible terrorists/counter-terrorists have been found.

To hear Valve tell it on the Counter-Strike blog, disconnections are easily resolved by rejoining the in-progress game via the main menu. Select the option to abandon a game, though, and not only will your “poor sportsmanship” be recorded by Valve, but Classic Competitive mode will be unavailable for 30 minutes.

Matches in the new mode will be best-of-30, with roles randomly assigned and switched after the 15th match.

Have you tried Classic Competitive yet? Valve are reportedly still ironing out kinks, and will be tuning the system as it goes.