Microsoft say they announced Crackdown 3 “too early”

Crackdown 3

Microsoft say they “probably announced Crackdown 3 too early.” Speaking to Polygon, Shannon Loftis, general manager for Microsoft Studios Publishing, said that the company had “underestimated the challenge” posed by the game.

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Loftis says that the decision to announce Crackdown 3, which has now been delayed until spring 2018, way back at E3 2014, is something “she regrets in hindsight.” The game was originally due for a 2016 release, but had already been pushed back to the end of this year.

The decision to push the game back came as a reaction to the realisation that it needed to provide a good experience across all three of its distinct modes. It was a hard decision to make, made harder, Loftis says “because we announced the game.”

In the wake of the announcement, Xbox have said that they’ll be rethinking the strategy they use in regard to game announcements. According to Loftis, “in the past we have made the mistake of announcing some exclusives a little bit too early. We’re trying to learn from that mistake and do better, so we have a bit that’s in development now that we’re not talking about.”