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Here’s where those Crash Bandicoot Worlds rumours are coming from

Fans are abuzz at the possibility of a new Crash Bandicoot game

The release of the Crash Bandicoot remakes – and the ensuing sales success – led to a whole lot of hope among fans that a proper, new Crash game is on the way. This week, a combination of informed speculation based on recent marketing materials and a number of reports from leakers have led to a massive swirl of speculation about what’s coming. So let’s break it down.

In a recent ad for PlayStation 4 – yes, the console itself – we see a brief clip of Crash and company racing through a parking garage. In the background, there’s a mask, and as GamesRadar notes it’s one that has not appeared in any previous Crash game. Separately, a PlayStation bus ad features a new bit of Crash art that fans believe might reveal his new look for a new game.

That would already be enough to fuel the fires of speculation, but now a number of leakers have started to report details on the game. To be clear – none of these leaks can be confirmed right now, and should be taken with an entire dump truck full of salt. But folks who’ve provided some successful inside information in the past, and they say this is a game in the Naughty Dog tradition, but an entirely new one.

The ‘Crash Bandicoot Worlds’ title you may have heard comes from someplace even shakier: 4chan. While the anonymous board has provided plenty of game leaks in the past, it’s still anonymous, and thus even shakier than the details above.

There’s a likely venue for us to learn whether or not any of this is real, though: The Game Awards. Geoff Keighley’s annual extravaganza is coming around again, and it hosted the announcement of the Crash Team Racing revival last year. The venerable platform game series might similarly re-emerge this year, but you should keep those expectations in check.