Humble’s latest bundle celebrates developers from Down Under


The latest Humble Bundle theme takes us Down Under. The aptly-named bundle shines the light on Australian developers, and, as always donates some of the profits from its pay-what-you-want system to charity.Humble Monthly October

With the only theme being ‘made in Australia’ the games on offer are a varied bunch. They range from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, a solo tabletop-style adventure, to Screencheat, an FPS where every character is invisible, so watching your opponents’ screen is the only way to win.

The next tier up offers hacking simulator Hacknet and its expansion, Hacknet Labyrinths. There’s also multi-player dungeon crawler Crawl, which puts your friends in control of the dungeon’s monsters. Paying $12 or more rewards you with Armello, an RPG blended with the strategic depth of a board game.

The Humble Down Under Bundle is available until October 31.